Team and Group Coaching

Team Coaching 

For teams of all kinds:

  • Small Businesses, Project Management, Organizational Departments. 

The most significant force taking an organization forward are the individuals working with a real team spirit, collaborating towards a shared vision. Team coaching helps each individual identify their purpose in the big picture of the company and strengthen values that promote collaboration, leadership, and engagement.

When every individual finds their purpose in advancing the vision of the organization, teams work at their best.

Group Coaching 

For groups of individuals

  • who are in similar situations and share a common interest, but not a common goal. 

Each individual is working towards their personal goal, but the group shares harmonies in the challenges they face and techniques that can help them.

Advantages of group coaching are

  • Support and insight from different individuals going through similar transitions
  • Power of togetherness
  • Accountability
  • Shared lessons learned


Coaching sessions customized as per the needs of the team/group.

Team ELI Assessments and Debrief included in all packages.