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I am a woman in tech who comes from a strong scientific background.

I did my Master's in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from Georgetown University. I have extensive experience in programming and data analytics, and I am also a Certified PMP (Project Management Professional). I have been through multiple career transitions from scientific research to managing IT systems to Data Analytics to the best of all: Life Coach.

In my years of jumping—or being thrown—into new career paths and finding my way to success, the most valuable quality I have learned about myself is that I am first and foremost a Student for Life and a Student of Life. That’s not a typo or a repeat—it’s a way of looking at life: Life is a learning experience. Embrace changes and learn from them. See potential growth where others see misfortune, inconvenience, or extra work.

Through all these years, I faced a lot of uncertainty: immigration, toxic work environment, a parent’s health scare, and other life decisions. These pushed me to explore the direction that I wanted to take my life and career. What was my vision for my family and myself?

After doing a lot of exploration, I found my calling. I got into a Professional Life Coaching certification program and became certified as a Life Coach. Since then, I have combined all my talents and experience to serve entrepreneurs and executives with coaching, project management, and analytics.