individual coaching

 Are you someone who thrives on being passionate about what you do?

Have you lost the passion, the feeling of purpose you had for your work, and now seem to feel demotivated to continue?

Are you someone who went down a career path to support family and financial obligations, but feel the career choice was not your purpose? You think now is the right time to reinvent yourself? 

Are you someone who is playing tug of war between work and life and wish there was a way to live a balanced life?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, you are my ideal client!

Here is why, 

As coaches, we believe we are our own ideal client! I have been in a position where I have asked myself one or more of the above questions at different stages of my life. I am a person who is at her 100% only when I am deeply passionate about what I do. I advanced through three career transitions to finally find my true purpose in Life Coaching. 

As a Life Transitions Coach,
I help individuals shatter the work/life balance notion, by leading a purposeful life through their work, so that they can make a difference while being a happier and healthier version of themselves every day.

Some ways a client can benefit from 1:1 coaching:

  • Reduce overwhelm and increase productivity: Move from a reactive state to proactive actions.
  • Gain Clarity on their priorities:  What success means to them and how they can enjoy the process while keeping an eye on the prize.
  • Create a life plan: Identify their purpose and ways to align their current work to it, or transition into a new career to pursue a life of greater fulfillment.
  • Go All Out:  Identify what holds them back and overcome real challenges like self-doubt, impostor syndrome, and uncertainty.


1: 1 Coaching Program:

  • 1 one hour Introductory session
  •  ELI Assessment & 1.5 Debrief session 
  •  6 one hour biweekly  coaching sessions
  •  In-between sessions support via text and email.

ELI Assessment & Debrief session

One time sessions for continuing clients

   Eligible clients include

  • 1:1 coaching program clients
  • ELI assessment clients