Coaching for Project Managers

Why Project Managers are excellent coaching clients - 

 And why they are indeed in need of coaching. 

Project Managers are problem solvers, excellent communicators, and efficient organizers. Most PMs approach everything in life as a project and love to take leadership roles. They see the opportunities and do not shy away from going after them. They are excellent navigators through unexpected problems and obstacles that come their way. They thrive on the adventure. They have a comprehensive view of everything they do and are continually looking to develop new skills.

Yet, many of them find themselves overwhelmed, struggling with time, resources, and motivation. Even though they are passionate about what they do, they struggle with finding satisfaction in their work. There is a severe lack of balance between work and home life.

Challenges coaching can help with, 

  1. Setting clear goals
  2. Managing expectations 
  3. Effective Communication
  4. Conflict Resolution
  5. Diminishing Stakeholder or Team engagement
  6. Lack of Accountability
  7. Setting Boundaries

And many more…

I am a Project Manager, and I do tend to approach everything in life as a project! 

But, here is the catch… 

Even though we can approach everything in life as a project, Life itself is not a Project. 

Life is an experience! 

Life Coaching will help you unlock your mindset, your approach, your perspective towards life, and then blend your analytical and personal strengths with your project management skills to help you excel at your job as well as in your life. Life Coaching can help passionate Project Managers find and keep the purpose they felt when they first got into the profession. 

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1: 1 Coaching Program:

  • 1 one hour Introductory session
  •  ELI Assessment & 1.5 Debrief session 
  •  6 one hour biweekly  coaching sessions
  •  In-between sessions support via text and email.

ELI Assessment & Debrief session

One time sessions for continuing clients

   Eligible clients include

  • 1:1 coaching program clients
  • ELI assessment clients