Ctrl Alt Begin




Get unstuck and move from idea to action with focus & balance.  Define what success means to you and  enjoy the process while keeping an eye on the prize.



 Stay productive and do not be overwhelmed. Avoid burnout. Together we  will define your priorities, create actions and stay accountable to achieve your business goals.  



 Measurable and actionable information is what drives business success. Leverage Technology and  Analytics to Setup, Strategize and Scale your business to the heights you desire.  



Hi, I am Poonam Gole

a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) and a Project Management Professional (PMP).

I work with executives, entrepreneurs and small businesses to help them stay focused on their vision of themselves and their business and maintain a healthy work/life balance. But you are not just a client, you are an individual, a unique individual who deserves to reach your maximum potential!

CTRL ALT BEGIN stands for  

                                               Controlling your choices

                                                                       Altering your Actions

                                                                                         Beginning Your Breakthrough!

Through coaching, I help you identify the default tendencies, beliefs and perceptions you have adopted over the years. I work with you to alter the tendencies, patterns, and habits that do not serve you. I help you create new tendencies, patterns, and habits to empower more conscious choices. 

By consistently choosing how to respond to your environment, you can get the results you desire. 

Some ways clients have benefited from coaching...

Reduce overwhelm and increase productivity: 

Move from reactive state to proactive actions.

Gain clarity on your priorities:

What success means to you and how you can enjoy the process while keeping an eye on the prize.

Go All Out:

Identify what holds you back and overcome real challenges like self-doubt, impostor syndrome, social isolation and uncertainty.

How does it work?

I partner with you to define priorities, create actions and stay accountable to achieve your goals. Together we also leverage technology, analytics and project management to strategize and scale your businesses.  

Step into a new world and find the new you!

Take Action now!



Simon McCarthy, Managing Director

" Poonam is a great coach who can help anyone accomplish amazing things.  She is kind, caring, non - judgmental and wonderfully insightful.  One of the most wonderful things Poonam brings as a coach is her calm and peaceful presence.  

Poonam helped me during a very stressful period at work.  Through her coaching I was better able to manage daily challenges I faced.  I cannot recommend her enough for anyone that is looking to work with a coach!"

Merritt Minnemeyer, Executive & Leadership Coach

 "Poonam is a brilliant combination of personable, knowledgeable and resourceful. She is exponentially patient and always has a creative solution to any challenge I present to her. What's more, she is highly competent, very reliable, and a joy to work with. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone looking to build the tech components of their business!"

Kate, Talent Leader

"Poonam has been a phenomenal coach through my recent career transition and relocation. She’s an intuitive and insightful coach who helped me take charge of the career and life changes I was going through and create manageable action steps that fit perfectly into my busy schedule. Thanks to Poonam, I was able to stay focused and productive as I changed companies and relocated to a new state."


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